Meet Sally St Clair

Founder, Sally St Clair

Meet Sally St Clair!  

Sally is from the small coastal town of Destin, Florida and has resided in both Saddle River and now Upper Saddle River since she relocated here in 2007.  The essence of her Southern charm resonates overwhelmingly with her clients.  She is hard working, down to earth and has a passion for helping others save time in their day to day schedules allowing them to experience a better quality of life. 

Sally's professional background makes her a natural in her business.  She studied Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising at Bauder College in Arlington, Texas where she earned her Associates Degree.  Sally has experience in sales and management and spent time working in the travel and tour industry.  In addition she spent over 10 years in the food industry working as a Food Broker.  She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  Sally started a salsa company while living in Dallas, Texas and founded a wholesale dessert business, Southern Style Desserts in her home town of Destin, Florida. 

Sally enjoys most all foods and is a natural in the kitchen.  She loves exploring and learning about different wines and she is passionate about animals.  Her greatest inspiration, love and best friend is her now 85 year old mother.  She is the youngest of 4 children.  Sally has 7 nieces and nephews and 3 great nephews.  

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